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By Winchester Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Center

CELEBRATION EVENTS to honor the Yang Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan. Winchester Yang TCC Center of the International Yang Family Association.

About this Event

Events in Winchester are sponsored and organized by Winchester Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Center of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, and the Shenandoah Taijiquan Center in Winchester, Virginia, and A Taste of China, Inc. Pat Rice, Director. Winchester events are planned and harmonized in collaboration with Yang Family Tai Chi Association events in China, planned for August 2020.

Pat Rice, Organizer mobile phone 540-247-2283 (leave a message)

Three main events plus several special events in Winchester honor the Yang Family of Tai Chi Chuan. We welcome all Tai Chi Chuan enthusiasts-past, current, and future-to celebrate with us.


  • 30th Anniversary of the Yang Family first visit to North America, organized by A Taste of China, Inc., July 1990, Winchester, Virginia.
  • Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo’s 95th Birthday Party
  • Instructional Seminars featuring Grandmaster Yang Jun, 5th Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan generational lineage holder.


Academic Session, Demonstrations, Birthday Party, Banquet, Group Practices, Picnic, Area Day Tour
*Be sure to purchase a ticket for every event that you plan to participate in.
Tip: save your profile to add an event later.


INSTRUCTIONAL SEMINARS July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - by 5th Generation Yang Family Lineage Holder Grandmaster Yang Jun

Seminar 1 Yang Family Tai Chi Gong Form - Introductory Session Wednesday, July 1, 9am-12pm and 3-5pm Foundational form for all levels. A 10-move routine introduces Yang Family classic movements of Tai Chi Chuan to new students and appeals to long-time practitioners. ($140 Standard Fee, discounts available for Association Members.)

Seminar 2 Yang Family Traditional 103-move Hand Form Thursday-Friday-Saturday, July 2-4, 9am-12pm and 3-5pm The time-honored ‘long form’ of the Yang Family Style is open to all levels. Players familiar with any Yang style can deepen their knowledge and raise their skill level. Developed and made famous in the lineage of Yang Luchan, Yang Chengfu, Yang Zhenduo, and now by Grandmaster Yang Jun. For long-time players, it’s like greeting an old friend and spending quality time in good company. For new players, it’s the doorway to a new community. A three-day seminar is the perfect immersion! Content includes detailed instruction in the hand form moves; history and theory of Tai Chi; principles of practice; applications for self-defense; and plenty of practice time. ($440 Standard Fee, discounts available for Association Members.)

Seminar 3 Yang Family Push Hands Skills Sunday, July 5, 10am-1pm Push Hands training develops understanding Tai Chi Chuan’s movements, principles, and spirit. Technical skills and applications give insight about oneself and the opponent, studying techniques and energies and reactions, and continuing on the Tai Chi path of understanding ourselves and others, reaching for that perfect mind-body-spirit connection.(This Instructional Seminar is open to Yang Family Association members only. $120.)


Winchester, Virginia, USA Events take place in Winchester, Virginia, a small city in the Shenandoah Valley, approximately 75 miles west of Washington, DC.
Airport: Dulles International (IAD)
Seminar events take place at Shenandoah University, Wilkins Athletics & Events Center, Winchester, Virginia
Shenandoah University, 1460 University Drive, Winchester, VA 22601
Wilkins Athletics & Events Center, 1188 Ralph Shockey Drive, Winchester, VA 22601


June 30, Tuesday

Local area all-day tour of historic Winchester and the famous Shenandoah Valley of Virginia: George Washington’s Office Museum (1755), Belle Grove Plantation (1791), Museum of the Shenandoah Valley Galleries and Gardens, and Winchester Cider Works (1900 Barn) for a refreshing finale. Includes comfortable tour bus, expert guides throughout, entry fees to three museums, buffet lunch with American-style BBQ sandwiches (and vegetarian options) on Plantation lawn, and a glass of cider at the Cidery (over 20 choices).
$95 per person, limit 48.


Special Events are available to Participants and to Guests. Participants and Guests pay an Admission Fee where noted.

Admission Pass - Entrance is by Admission Pass, so even if it is ‘FREE’ you must select the number of Participants for each event during your Registration process to obtain a Pass for yourself and for each Guest with you.

  • Academic Session - "Understanding The Tai Chi Classics" by guest faculty Master Nick Gracenin Wednesday evening, July 1, 7-9 pm Master Nick Gracenin, a long-time practitioner and teacher of Chinese Martial Arts, brings insights to The Tai Chi Classics, the recorded foundations of our art, as he identifies and explains the sources of the time-honored phrases that represent advice that we learn to follow and principles that we respectfully honor.  (FREE to event Participants and Guests.)
  • 2020 Friendship Demonstrations - dedicated to Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo Thursday evening, July 2, 7-9pm A grand showcase of Tai Chi Chuan and other Chinese Martial Arts styles, dedicated to grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and celebrating the 30th anniversary of A Taste of China’s sponsored first visit of the Yang Family to North America.  (FREE to Participants, Guests $10.)
  • 95th Birthday Party - in honor of Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo Thursday evening, July 2, 9-11pm Finger foods and delectables, wine, and a big Birthday Cake! Sign the large birthday greeting cards onsite. Everyone there can write good wishes and personal messages to Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo. (Funded by participants, good-will donations $10-$50.)
  • Chinese Celebration Banquet - Saturday evening, July 4, 6:30-8:30pm A special festival banquet of traditional Chinese dishes and toasts to the Yang Family and each other!  ($30 per person.)
  • Morning Sunrise Practice - group practice daily, Wednesday - Sunday July 1-5 An informal early morning practice daily with friends, new and old, at sunrise (6:00 am). Another post-sunrise group starts around 7:30 am, before the opening of the morning sessions. Weather permitting.  (FREE to Participants, no sign-up needed.)
  • Daily Spotlight Showcase - new (and old) Yang Family Forms daily, July 1-4 Groups from the Association demonstrate several new short Yang Family Forms, drawn from the traditional routine and designed specifically for special circumstances and tournament events. Presented at the opening of each Instructional Session.  (FREE to Participants in Seminars.)
  • All-American Picnic - finale Sunday, July 5, 2-4pm A grand informal finale to the Winchester events and a time to solidify our community spirit. Traditional American summer picnic fare: Fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, fresh vegetables, rolls, watermelon, ice cream and apple pie! (FREE to Participants and their Guests.)

    Independence Day Celebration - United States of America's National Holiday USA Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks. Sponsored by the City of Winchester. "Rocking Independence Eve" on
    July 3 includes events and music on Winchester Old Town Mall, with fireworks after dark. Open to the public.


Where to Register and Pay:

For payment by credit card, register on EventBrite's website here...
Yang Family Tai Chi Celebration Winchester 2020. A service fee is automatically added (non-refundable).

For payment by check, register on this website by Printing a Registration Form and mailing it along with a check or Money Order (US Dollars only) to the event organizer - payable to "AToC-STC" mailed to:

111 Shirley Street
Winchester VA 22601 USA.

On-site registration - if space is available.

Registration/Administrative Fee/Date Increase: fixed fee (non-refundable) in addition to tuition and events fees. Advance Registration - March 1-June 10, $30; Late Registration - June 11-June 29, $40; At-the-door Registration, $50

*Discounts (on Tuition for Seminars 1 and 2 only): Standard fee is listed and applies to Seminar Tuition with no discounts. See below for discounted fees.*


  • Registration/Administrative Fee and EventBrite service fee are not refundable.
  • Special Event Fees are refundable 100% through June 15. June 16 and later, no refunds.
  • Tuition Fees are refundable on a graduated basis: March 1-May 15, 90% refundable; May 16- June 15 75% refundable; June 16 or later, no refunds.

(unusual circumstances, partial cancellation by Organizer, full cancellation by Organizer or Association, COVID-19 Refund Policy)

  • If a Participant cancels because of unusual personal circumstances, they receive a refund according to the standard Refund Policy stated above. Participant may request an exception to this policy by applying to the Organizer or to the Association.
  • If a Participant cancels because of COVID-19, they receive a full refund, less EventBrite fees.
  • If the Organizer cancels any program component of the Yang Family Tai Chi Celebration 2020, those who registered for that component receive a full refund on that component.
  • If the Organizer or the Association cancels the entire event Yang Family Tai Chi Celebration 2020 for any reason, those who registered receive a full refund on fees paid.

Release Form: Read the Release Form and indicate your acceptance to complete your Registration process.

*DISCOUNTS ON TUITION - for MEMBERS, INSTRUCTORS, and DIRECTORS/OFFICERS/ADVISORS of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.

Enter your PROMO discount code when you select your tickets during your Online EventBrite Registration; code is emailed to you via the Association.

  • Standard Fee - Applies to Tuition with no discounts.
  • Discounted fees (on tuition only) - Allowed to Members of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. You can become a member of the Association on their website, click "Join Our Family" on the homepage
  • Discounts - Members 10%; Affiliated Instructors 20%;;Certified Instructors 30%; Center Directors and Officers/Advisors 50%.
    Include your Association Number/Identification in your Participant Information. This will be verified by the Membership Department.
  • Fully discounted tuition rate - Tuition is free for Center Directors and Instructors who bring at least five full-paying students/members from their school. Contact Pat Rice, Director, for arrangement and validation.
  • Early Bird Seminar Package (all 3 Seminars) - For Association members only: $595 available March 1-31; regular rates apply April 1 and thereafter. (Instructors and Directors: your discounted rate is lower than the ‘Early Bird Tuition’ rate.)
  • Special discounts ‘President’s Pass’ - For other discounts as permitted by the Association President, apply to Fang Hong, Association Secretary,
  • Customized fees - Questions and requests for customized arrangements can be sent to Pat Rice, Director, mobile phone 540-247-2283
  • Scholarships - A limited amount of funds is available for scholarships. Apply to Pat Rice, Director,

LODGING AND HOTELS near Shenandoah University

Hotels below have a standing discount arrangement with Shenandoah University event patrons. Discount codes provided to Yang Tai Chi 2020 Celebration Events by the hotel are shown below. Contact your choice of hotel for full information about rooms, amenities, services, rates and discounts and reservations. Hotel references to be supplied.

UNIVERSITY INN, a Shenandoah University Residence Hall
This dormitory facility is a former hotel on the University campus, near the main entrance. Double-occupancy rooms with a bathroom. Twin beds (extra long), dresser, wardrobe, desk and chair. No linensor bedding, bring your own or buy in Winchester. Kitchen down the hall (no kitchen furnishings provided). Four floors and an elevator.

Dormitory Fees
Single or double rate is $42 per night per person. Reservations for this lodging are made through the Yang Family’s Winchester Tai Chi Chuan Center (not through the University). Contact Pat Rice to reserve your room. We’ll ask you if you have a preferred roommate or whether you are willing to share a room. We have a limited number of rooms, it is essential to make your arrangement early. There will be a waitlist if possible. Our deadline is May 31, 2020.

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