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Qigong: Guan Qi Fa - Detailed Instructions & FAQ

     Qigong is a type of Chinese health exercise that works with the body's natural energy systems to enhance well-being. Based on the same theories as Traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong contains a variety of practices including simple movements, breathing techniques, visualizations, and meditations. Now that qigong is among the "integrative" health practices recognized by western medicine, people of all backgrounds have begun to include qigong in their personal health maintenance programs.

     Qigong practices combine to bring about health improvements such as flexibility, strength, vigor and stamina, better posture, comfortable digestion, and general relaxation. Qigong and taiji have many aspects in common --- similar types of movements, emphasis on breathing and postural alignment, physical relaxation, and calming of the mind, and they provide many of the same benefits.

          Our qigong courses are designed to help practitioners recognize and experience ways in which the body, breath, mind, energy, and spirit are connected. The curriculum offers qigong courses appropriate to beginners with no experience and to people who have had training in various kinds of qigong. It is advisable to start with an introduction to qigong basics- information about the concepts and theory of qi and qigong. Subsequent courses include general health-care qigong, seasonal health maintenance, meditative qigong, a series specifically for taiji players, and several traditional and contemporary sets of qigong.
          "Guan Qi Fa" or "permeating qi method" (the course in basics) is a single-session class that explains theory, presents seven qigong points commonly used in qigong practices, and gives experience in achieving qi circulation.
          "Mindful Movement through Tai Chi and Qigong" uses a combination of qigong and taijiquan, exercises that promote mind-body awareness. The exercises follow the human spine and the nervous system, through the neck, the back and the limbs. It incorporates techniques that engage all the joints and improve circulation. Good for relief of neck, shoulder and back pain and other chronic pain; rehabilitation from chronic illnesses - arthritis, heart disease, diabetes; reducing stress and tension; boosting the immune system; regulating normal bodily functions. Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. Suitable for everyone, open enrollment, attendance on a drop-in basis. $20 per class (September 2021).
          Other types of qigong combine taijiquan skills with breathing methods of qigong; others are designed to help prevent or treat diseases, to assist with managing pain or chronic ailments, and to prolong life.


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